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In addition to these helpful resources, we also work closely with a team of professionals that assist us with the retirement and financial planning needs of our clients.

Helpful Links

Look Up Your Stock Broker
Look Up Your Fiduciary Advisor
Look Up Your Insurance Agent
Safe Money Places
Ed Slott, IRA Expert
SEC: Intro to Mutual Fund
FINRA Fund Analyzer

Tax Planning

IRS Deductions & Exemptions for 2017
IRS Rules for IRA’s
Tax Payers Guide to 2017
Income Taxes & Your Social Security Benefits
How The Rich (and Poor) Avoid Paying Income Taxes
Serial Backdoor Roth, A Tax-Free Retirement Kitty

Social Security

Social Security Tax Withholding Form
Your SS Statement Online
Benefits for Spouses
Understanding the Benefits (PDF)
What Every Women Should Know (PDF)
What You Need to Know When You Get Retirement Benefits (PDF)
Direct Deposit
When People Need Help Managing Their Money
Self Employed Individuals (PDF)
Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) (PDF)
Survivor Benefits (PDF)
How Social Security Can Help When a Family Member Dies (PDF)

Retirement & Income Planning

Are You On Track to Retirement
Retiring on CDs Not Viable
New Retirement Income May Allow Boomers to Retire
Make Your Savings Last as Long as You Do
Inspect the Fees In Your 401(k)


Kentucky Math (comical)
What is a Fiduciary & Should I Care?
Why Get Independent Advice?
Can You Trust Rob Advisors
National Debt & Deficit by Tony Robbins
60 Minutes – 401(k) fees
Social Security Retirement Planning Matters
Social Security Can Help You Plan For Retirement


Life Expectancy
Are You Saving Enough For Retirement?
SEC Retirement Calculators
Social Security Benefits Calculators
Social Security Retirement Calculators
Social Security Retirement Estimator
SS Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) Calculator
Retirement Calculator
Millionaire Calculator
Mortgage Qualification Calculator
Mortgage Payment Calculator
Car Loan Calculator
Inflation Calculator
Investment Yield Calculator

Life Insurance

Creating Your Legacy of Love
Turn Life Insurance Into an Investment


Understanding a Health Savings Acct (PDF)
Applying for Medicare Only
Apply for Medicare
Understanding Medicare Enrollment Periods (PDF)
Extra Help with Medicare Rx Drug Plan Costs

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