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Navigating the Health Care Taxes in 5 Easy Steps

What is considered investment income? Investment Income: Interest, dividends, capital gains (long and short), annuities (not those in IRAs or company plans), royalty income, passive rental income, other passive activity income. NOT Investment Income: Wages and self-employment income, active trade/ business income, distributions from IRAs, Roth IRAs and employer plans, excluded gain from the sale…

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Monitor Your Household Finances with Monthly Meetings

Communication is the process through which we transfer information to each other. Although modern forms of communication have increased (emails, texts, letters, social media), connecting with each other is still at the foundation of our humanity. We just have to talk. Family communication, in particular, melds us together in profound and lasting ways. Without it,…

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Keep Your Finances in Order When Divorcing Later in Life

Divorcing later in life is becoming more commonplace among people 50 and over. Divorce among older couples has more than doubled since the 1990s. In 2015, 10 of 1,000 married people filed for divorce. Five of 1,000 married filed for divorce in 1990. The divorce rate for people 65 and older has tripled since 1990.[i]…

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